Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Came Here for Love

You came to study
But I came here for love
The devils whispering in my ear
But I trust the Lord above

They say that you have to confess
And let her know you have feelings for her
I fell in love in autumn
But I told her in the summer

What I saw in her eyes
Its was nothing but a miracle
I was having doubts about my beliefs
But your eyes made me feel spiritual

They told me there is a god
But girl you're not an angel
You're just human like me
Girl you're so beautiful

I know you're on another level
So let me level with you baby
I desire you more than anything
And I want you to be my lady

It might be a little crazy
But ever since I met you, I've never been more sane
Ever since I met you
I've never been the same

While you were studying them law books
I was studying the laws of attraction
Girl you're not like most girls
In my eyes and by my definition, girl you are perfection

When I see my reflection
And do some inspection
I just want to let you know Girl
I felt a connection

Falling in love with you was a sin
5 years later You became a solicitor
Yeah falling in love with you was a crime
So i guess I need myself a lawyer

Girl why are you prosecuting me
I came here for love
Why are you persecuting me
When I'm telling you for the millionth time I came here for love.

Monday, 28 August 2017


When I first met you
Your eyes were seeking my attention
You could say I was attention seeking
But girl you're perfection

So how could I ignore your beauty
Girl you're the one I fancy
Fancy that
But I'm getting a little antsy

Yeah I'm getting nervous and shy
It ain't normal for a guy
But I aint your average
And neither are you,  girl you so fly

The way you smile
Yeah it makes me so content
When ever I'm with you
I just want to confess and vent

Psychologically speaking
I'm so in love you could call me crazy
You aint like most girls
Girl you're a lady

And you know how to pull my strings
Girl you're my conductor
Without you I was a mess
But with you my life is in order

Now that we're together
Its like a match made in heaven
They say life is hell
So what do you reckon

Our life is like a reckoning
Your attention is beckoning
Every decision I make
Its got me second guessing

We were like j-Lo and A Rod
But now we're beefing for no reason
Like taylor and Katy
I know you trying to get even

What are the odds
You're always seeking attention
Our relationship was a roller coaster
But now without you I'm bound for my destination.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


You said you're always down
But sometimes you're just up there
You say why you always high
But Bitch i don't care

I liked things back then
In a period of honeymoon
We weren't even married
But I was hoping for that soon

You could say that we clicked
But fast forward a few clicks
And time is playing games
Yeah its going so quick

Towards your hints
You could say I was a bit slow
Between me and you
I couldn't say no

First time I proposed
You said maybe
Second time I proposed
You said you're my baby

Girl why you always crying
And why don't you laugh at my jokes
Whenever we argue a little
You say you need a smoke

Behind every strong man is a woman
You say you need strength
But lately I feel so weak
I struggle when I take a breath

Girl you take my breath away
Why am I always away
Its because of you
I work night and day

Its because of you
I'm trying to make a billion
Hashtag money team
Fuck it I'm aiming for a trillion

So girl are you down
For the money and the fame
Girl are you down
Love isn't a game

Saturday, 26 August 2017


She said that she will be there
But it's like she's always missing
I found love in your eyes
Your lips I want to be kissing

Kiss of death
Because of you I'm revived
I'm dying to see you
Because of you I'm alive

When my life was going nowhere
You showed me the directions
Navigated me to falling in love
Girl you are perfection

You're like my lawyer
And my therapist
I know you got my back
But girl I insist

Let me be the man
You're my very own supergirl
You can call me  superman
Cos you're my kryptonite, my pearl

You're my personal chef
And my nurse
The moment I met you
You lifted my curse

What did I do to deserve such a gift
Its like I've won the lottery
I'm the luckiest man in the world
And I aint lying when I say my eyes are watery

Girl you make me cry tears of joy
You make me laugh and cry simultaneously
They say love is blind
But we fell in love spontaneously

Miraculously is an understatement
No we aint over the top
Cos this love is mutual
We're at so much peace, you can hear a pin drop

Needle in a haystack
They said falling in love was impossible
Like fitting a camel through the eye of a needle
But as long as we be there for each other, we're invincible

Friday, 25 August 2017


I had the stereo on full blast
She said I'm just her type
You knew I was the one
So what's with all the hype

There's no such thing as happy without sad
Yeah I'm a usual bad boy
I know you love me
so stop being coy

Stop being shy
I know you're confident on the inside
Falling in love with me is risky
You could call it suicide

You could call it a bad decisions
But who said we're deciding
The world's pulling us apart
From each other and dividing

Girl why are we fighting
When we're made for each other, it's destiny
Despite all the questions
Me and you are meant to be

Yeah you don't like it when it's boring
Or when I procrastinate
We aint got any silver spoons
But you love a full plate

Girl I really miss you
And I hate it when I come home late in the night
Girl stop acting angry
We both know you love staying up for me till midnight

You love it when I'm drunk
And when the truth spills
You love cleaning up the vomit
And slaving around when I'm ill

Yeah I think I'm sick
Cos I've never been so in love
Girl I'm thinking of proposing
But I need a push and a shove

They say attraction is a law of physics
But who said opposites must attract
The moment that I met you
Girl I knew you were exact

Thursday, 24 August 2017


The moment I met you
You said no promises
If that's the case
Why am I always buying you roses

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I knew you were mine
The moment I met you

They call it love at first sight
Love at first glimpse
When alls said and done though
I can't get enough of those red lips

With each word she spoke
I let her in my heart
That's why I asked for your digits
But it's making me number when ever we're apart

Whenever you're far
I look forward to you coming home
It always leaves a scar
When you're not here, I feel so alone

There's no time like the present
But I wish I could rewind
The moment I fell in love
It blew my mind

My heart is complete
Cos you're the second piece
Ever since I met you
My heart has been in peace

They say rest in peace
But girl when you go
I'm going to be a mess
For sure

Yeah there is no question
And nobody has all the replies
So who knows what the future holds
All we can do is ask why

You said no promises
So all we can do is hope
Love isn't simple
And life isn't a joke.


You say you want to show me love
But it's like we hardly get the time
You say forever and always
But you don't feel like mine

Pardon my suspicion
Its not that I don't trust you
The first time I saw you
My mind jut blew

Your eyes were staring
And your black hair was swaying
Girl I'll never leave you
I promise that I'm staying

She said her name was Hailee
And straight away I developed affection
Every single photo of you
Was nothing but perfection

They call it picture perfect
Girl you deserve respect
Yeah the feeling is mutual
Ever since out paths intersected

Girl I was invested
I was interested
You said you felt the same
But the situation I don't want to press it

We fell in love
Even though we were on the edge of seventeen
You make me feel so alive
And in the past I was a machine

Every time I had a moment of doubt
You had true grit
Ever since I met you
Girl I don't quit,  girl I won't quit

Cos You aint like most girls
Most girls would just run away
And hit rock bottom
But you told me to love myself every day

Girl I was starving
But when I see you I'm instantly full
Without you my life is so empty and you push me
So much so that in the end I can't resist your pull.